Razzano Consulting Helping Clients Build Their Wealth

Razzano Consulting, LLC today announced it has diversified to include Razzano Investment Management, a business offering independent and unbiased investment service. This unique investment platform will exceed client needs and expectations while minimizing investment expenses. You may already have investment preferences rooted in prior market experience or past dealings with other investment management firms. Our role is to assess your financial needs and tolerance for investment risk.

Their management team oversees client portfolios with the global market in mind to deliver attractive investment returns as inexpensively and tax efficiently as possible, consistent with each client’s tolerance for levels of risk and appetite for levels of return. Razzano Investment Management is a fee-based independent organization. Our investment team represents the best interests of our clients through completely objective advice. Razzano Investment Management created a flexible and innovative investment platform designed to generate optimum results to each client’s financial goals. Our team applies objective analysis to find, evaluate and select “best in class” investments. The set of potential investments from which we build client portfolios takes into consideration the broadest possible set of available investment assets and investment strategies.

For more information visit www.razzanoconsulting.com