Platform Profits Lab: January 3-5, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ

Platform Profits Lab will be on January 3-5, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ. According to National Speakers Association (NSA) website the average speaker makes only 30 percent of their sales from the stage. But successful speakers capitalize on the remaining 70 percent and we’re not talking about books and CDs.

At Platform Profits Lab, you’ll learn how to:

•Prep your audience for the pitch from the stage BEFORE they even arrive to listen to you.
•Apply the magically lucrative formula for arranging the stage, the back of the room and your speech to drive the most profits.
•Utilize practical and tactical techniques for selling before, DURING and after your speech, by experiencing them yourself.
•Find your own rhythm and your own style in this new model – without sounding like someone else.
•Go from building your list to building your tribe from the stage.
•Capture customers, optimize opportunities, and talk to your tribe for a consistent flow of prosperity long AFTER your speech is over.
•Rather than spending the money to figure this model out on your own, we’re bringing together all of the strategies, tactics and practical wisdom from people who are already successful applying this model in their business.

Speakers include Sean Roach, Randy Gage, Andrea Lee, and Chris Widener. The cost is $525.

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