Most Americans are happy every day. One in ten Americans are angry every single day.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (12/20/2013) – According to the latest survey from research company, YouGov,  Americans seem to be inclined to happiness with 60% experiencing at least some moments of happiness every day.

Older Americans 55+ are more likely to be happy daily (68%) as are 72% of retired people.

Singles (51%) are less likely to be happy every day than married couples (66%). Parenting younger children, however, takes its toll.  Parents of children 18+ (67%) are more likely to experience daily happiness than parents of younger children (57%).

Who is really happy?

  • 72% of retired people are likely to be happy every day.
  • 76% of those who are very satisfied with their jobs.
  • Volunteers for charity (74%).
  • Participants in team sport (75%).
  • Those who are actively involved in politics (see below).

Running for or having held political office (79%), serving on committees (73%) and working for political parties (74%) apparently makes a person very happy indeed, although those actively involved in politics tend to be angrier than the general population.

On the flip side of the emoti-coin one in ten (10%) Americans are angry every single day, while a further one in three (34%) admit to veering into their personal red zones at least once a week.

Parents of younger children don’t fare well with anger levels; neither do those dissatisfied with their work:

  • 14% of parents with children under 18 are angry at least once a day and 46% once a week.
  • 18% of homemakers are likely to lose their cool on a daily basis.
  • 21% of those who are fairly dissatisfied with their jobs are also likely to have a daily blowout compared to only 6% of those who are fairly satisfied at work.

The retired population seems to be the most mellow with only 3% admitting to daily meltdowns.

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Note on Methodology

Total sample size was 1233 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 13th – 16th December 2013.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

About YouGov 

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Jenny Hall