Leading Marriage Expert Building Stronger Marriages

Todd Creager is an expert in relationships. He announced for twenty-eight years, the Todd Creager Center for Successful Relationships (TCCFSR) has been helping couples, individuals and corporations achieve their goals by bringing out the best in themselves and others. The TCCFSR is located in Huntington Beach, CA.

Mr. Creager is educated and trained as a Marriage and Sex Therapist and spends much of his time helping partners in long-term relationships learn how to create passionate, alive and nourishing interactions. He provides unique and powerful insights that lead to powerful breakthroughs which result in his clients getting closer to realizing their full potential. He founded his practice in 1982 in Tustin CA, and has since helped thousands of individuals (in both the home and the work-place) learn how to bring the best out of others to achieve their goals. The biggest joy in his career is witnessing clients increase their capacity to receive more from life as well as others.

In demand as a speaker, Mr. Creager has given numerous presentations and made appearances on television and radio. He has two main topics as a speaker- “How to Have a Long, Hot Marriage based on his newly released book, “The Long, Hot Marriage” and “Bringing the Best Out Of Others” which is applicable for both personal and work relationships.

In addition to his main focus of marriage and sexuality, he consults with organizations that are either in crisis or underachieving due to work conflict, lack of teamwork and/or ineffective leadership. He also works with forward thinking organizations that may already be successful and want to run optimally, with high morale, excellent teamwork and inspiring leadership.