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Innovative FlipBook Creator Helps to Publish Engaging Content Easily

Innovative FlipBook Creator Helps to Publish Engaging Content Easily

by Elsa D. ArnoldDecember 2, 2013

Creator and provider of the digital publishing software FlipBook Creator, FlipPageMaker has revealed simple tips on how users can reach their target audience. The software enables them to easily convert PDF files into page flipping e-books with an attractive 3D effect. These can be uploaded to a user’s own online account or the company’s server; only the first step in reaching an audience.

The first step is to know who the target readers are. Identifying a specific age group or special interest is not enough. Look at different traits in the target area and narrow down the selection of people in the target – this makes marketing more effective and increases the chances of getting more sales per each effort. This is also great for developing a fan base.

It is also important to think of readers as characters in the story. The more the target group is understood, the easier it is to market to them. For selling kids’ books, it can help to look at what expected readers like and don’t like, for example, or imagining the reader’s surroundings, possessions, and places of interest.

Another helpful tip is to step in the reader’s shoes. Go to websites where your target fans are likely to go. This provides an opportunity to interact with them. Non-fiction readers, teens, college educated people, and others tend to use specific sites. When targeting an educated audience, LInkedIn is better since more users are college-educated than on Facebook. Go to niche sites in addition to social media.

Don’t hesitate to get into conversations once you are there. A social website provides the platform to ask questions, give answers, and add website links; blogging, video marketing, and fan interaction such as online contests and fan art are good too. It’s also acceptable to announce book releases, book signings, and other special events. One shouldn’t and doesn’t have to focus only on selling. Building an audience means developing a relationship.

FlipBook Creator provides just the thing for simple digital publishing. By following the tips listed, software users can get their flipbooks noticed even more, increase their traffic and sales, and build a larger following.

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FlipPageMaker, Ltd. was established in 2008 in China. It now sells innovative digital publishing software to businesses and individuals throughout the world. By maintain a positive and close relationship with customers, the company has consistently improved its software to meet users’ needs and demands.

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