Grieving Family Turns to Crowdfunding

There is much to be said about Deborah Averso-Artzt.  She was a loving mother, friend, wife and confidant.


“Deb had a contagious smile and lived life to the fullest,” said Joey Orloff, a close friend of Deb who established the fund.

Deb was battling liver cancer. She had been for several years in fact. On November 22nd, she went into the hospital for a procedure to remove more cancer from her liver. The entire time, she was smiling and happy.  Sadly, Deb did not return from the operating room; there were some problems and complications with her surgery.


Deb leaves behind two great boys ages seven and nine. Deb was a single mother, working as a schoolteacher in a New York City public school, and tried to give her sons the best she could.  Teachers touch lives in the process of their careers. Deb touched many. “She was a dedicated mother, daughter, sister and friend who’s heart had no limits,” said Orloff.  Both boys are in good hands with family, but there will be a time when each of them will need assistance outside of what their extended families can provide.  Her friends, extended family and sorority are now working to help her boys in their time of need.

Joey Orloff and the rest of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority from Buffalo State College turned to crowdfunding, on, a method of raising capital for projects ranging from movies to books and everything in between.   The goal of this campaign is to raise $20,000.00. The money will be used to help provide for Debs two young children, Hunter age 7 & Brendan 9.

“There is no amount of money that will bring Deb back,” according to the Go Fund Me page, “but any gift will help the boys remember the love of their mother.”  So far, the project has raised over $4,000.00 in only five days. Family and friends remain optimistic that their goal will be reached.

Anyone who can is encouraged to give what he or she can. Amounts as little as $5.00 will help towards the goal. Those who cannot give are encouraged to share the store and campaign on their social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like.  All funds collected will go to the boys for daily living needs; Any additional funds collected will be put in to a trust for the boys college education.  “We are trying to get the word out to as many as we can. The more who can help two great boys who have lost so much the better,” said Orloff.

To learn more, read up on Deb and to see pictures of her and her sons, visit the Go Fund Me page at

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