Flippagemaker.com Announces Giveaway Promotion for Its FlipBook Creator

Flippagemaker.com, a creator and distributor of digital publishing software tools, has announced it will now run continual giveaway promotions from now on. These promotions will run mostly on popular giveaways sites, such as giveawayoftheday.com and related forums. The blog site techquark.com also features the company’s product, FlipBook Creator, a digital PDF to flash flipbook maker.

This giveaway, at a $99.00 value, provides users with a flip book designer allowing the conversion of PDF files. People can customize the style to their desire and output flipbooks in HTML, EXE, Email, and APP files and more. The product will be free to 5 of participants for in the coming week by entering the giveaway with Facebook or email. To catch up the giveaway, go to http://www.techquark.com/2013/12/giveaway-flipbook-creator-pdf-files-to.html.

Flippagemaker.com has implemented this giveaway and others to express its sincere thanks to old users of its software products. The campaign is also intended to attract new users. By providing giveaways on different sites, the company hopes to increase the exposure of its software tools even more than it has in the past.

Among the company’s main products are FlipBook Creator Professional and FlipBook maker for Mac. These may very soon be included in giveaways. People interested in these should closely follow the news announced by Flippagemaker.com. Continual promotions mean giveaways will appear on different sites and forums across the Internet.

The company’s software is sold in formats for Windows and Mac users. People can convert PDF and Office files into flipping ebooks with various customizable features. For more information on the company and its products, plus news on up-to-date giveaways, go to http://flippagemaker.com/.

About Flippagemaker.com

Flippagemaker.com, established in 2008, provides customers around the world with digital publishing software from its China headquarters. Suitable for businesses and individuals, this software allows people to create page flipping e-books, magazines, brochures, reports, and more out of common files. Customer support is always available and suggestions are taken in upgrading the software tools.

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