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FlipBook Creator Professional is Great Tool Helps on Language Teaching

FlipBook Creator Professional is Great Tool Helps on Language Teaching

by Elsa D. ArnoldDecember 27, 2013

A successful digital publishing tool, FlipBook Creator Professional is now being used by language teaching centers to create materials with page turning effects. The books can be published online, embedded into websites, or shared with students on the web. There are also many great features for making e-books interactive, in addition to easily converting them from common PDF files.

Language teachers can add Flash animations to make the book more attractive and easy to read. Animated illustrations can help with learning a language and reduce the frustrations. Users can also add YouTube videos, Flv video, and more, plus integrate audio files to demonstrate proper sounds and phrasing.

Another great feature is the animated assistant. Flipbooks can therefore be narrated, adding to their multimedia value and making them more effective learning tools. FlipBook Creator Professional lets users create multimedia-rich ebooks with beautiful designs and effects. Users can add scenes, templates, and backgrounds plus links, table of contents, and graphics and other effects.

Content can be organized in a simple way and each page can teach specific words or aspects of a language. Designers can also add whatever elements they think are necessary to teach their students. Creating lessons has never been easier that with using a flipbook as part of a language curriculum.

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