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Flip PDF Professional to Make e-Catalog More Attractive with Multimedia

Flip PDF Professional to Make e-Catalog More Attractive with Multimedia

by Elsa D. ArnoldDecember 23, 2013

Flip PDF Professional, a software tool for converting ordinary PDF documents into page-flipping e-books, now lets users integrate rich multimedia to attract readers. Hyperlinks and bookmarks can still be added. The number of multimedia features supported allows users to be as creative as they wish or more effectively represent products and services.

It is easy to embed multimedia such as video, audio, Flash effects, and even YouTube videos. Imported PDF pages can be filled with embedded multimedia objects. It’s possible to include movies and even website links; one can link to individual pages and email addresses as well. The program also lets people add buttons and printable sections.

Users are not limited to adding fancy effects and eye-catching graphics. They can import text on any part of the page they wish, and even make it searchable. Adding multimedia to a flipbook is easy. All of the tools are located on the Edit Page interface. Select from the icons on top to add links, text, videos, sounds, and other objects. Content can be added within defined shapes, including lines, ellipses, rectangles, or a highlighted area.

With all these multimedia features, an e-book can become fully interactive. It can be made to entertain, teach, or market. The possibilities are endless as these functions let users do just about anything with their flipbooks. These allow for an effective electronic sales tool. A shopping cart feature lets retailers sell the e-book online while supporting PayPal services.

In addition to interactive multimedia, users can choose from hundreds of templates, themes, scenes, and backgrounds. Different plugins are also available. These include an image slider, news rotator, music player, and YouTube video banner. Despite the many options, multimedia can be added to flipbooks quickly, with no prior experience.

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