Does Your Business Offer Free Wi-Fi Without A Marketing Platform?

 Does Your Business Offer Free Wi-Fi Without A Marketing Platform?

A new Wi-Fi marketing platform that was recently released in the US is beginning to catch the attention of major corporations that are trying to monetize their free Wi-Fi. Free Hotspot Zone is the only social powered Wi-Fi platform that is built for local marketing resellers. Free Hotspot Zone, a Social Proximity Marketing Platform, has revolutionized how business will offer free Wi-Fi to their customers.

Unlike traditional hotspots, Free Hotspot Zone’s proprietary Social Hotspot platform allows for on location promotions, including Facebook notifications, lotteries, mobile coupons, advertisement’s and Wi-Fi alerts that can be targeted to entire hotspots or network groups, via social analytics.

Business owners can now review real time metrics such as visitation frequency, age, gender, hometown, and “Likes” based on the Facebook Open Graph, all while building highly targeted email and remarketing list. Unique to Free Hotspot Zone is a robust analytics platform that combines network, mobile and web data in real time, delivering a wider perspective of customer trends and marketing.

Customers can log on to your free Wi-Fi using their social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linked In. Once connected , visitors can be directed to” Like” your business in exchange for the free Wi-Fi access, promotions and marketing opt ins.

Free Hotspot Zone is reportedly to be in negotiations with hotel owners in the Los Angeles area that are trying to monopolize the marketing foot print of the social media platform. I can only imagine what a company can do with this type of marketing platform at their fingertips

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