Doctors and Obamacare Gear Up for 2014

Obamacare has been dominating the news recently. Most health professionals will be affected in some way. Today, we are announcing a network of doctors in various fields who are leaders and who are helping patients. Jane Appell, a leading therapist says,” I do some general practice therapy, but most of my practice is devoted to high conflict divorce issues, sometimes as a therapist, sometimes as a parenting coordinator (an alternative dispute resolution post-divorce role for high conflict parents). I also work with cases of parental alienation (in which kids refuse to see a parent due to a high conflict divorce) and I do a fair amount of consultation to individuals and to attorneys.

One of the reasons that I specialize is that I am able to have a significant amount of my business coming from non healthcare cases and I do not bill insurance for these. That leaves me with a smaller psychotherapeutic practice which is often more fun for me, but less lucrative. In this way, i can take therapy cases and be less angry about the poor rate of reimbursement.”

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According to Dr. Kwan who is operating a Chiropractic and Acupuncture office. “We, as many other practitioners will tell you that we have no idea how Obama care will affect us. Clearly if more people are insured, they will get the necessary care they need more promptly. The prompt care will help office like us that do not offer emergency care as more prompt care will be provided by conservative and non last minutes care. It will help to cut down the overall expense of the health system by channeling care to lesser critical facilities than hospitals. It is a win-win situation and everyone in the country is sharing the cost of the entire system rather than those who are afflicted.”

Dr. Hilary Back of Back to Balance is focused on naturopathic family medicine, women’s health, autoimmune disorders, mood disorders, and environmental and food allergens. We employ nutritional and lifestyle counseling, Chinese and Western herbs, homeopathy, and bodywork including acupuncture, naturopathic manipulation, orthobionomy, and cranial sacral therapy.