Boost 4G LTE Signal Strength for Huawei E392 E398 E397

Huawei E392 and Huawei E398 modem are both popular multi-mode 4G LTE data card that supports the interfaces for LTE TDD / FDD / UMTS / GSM / CDMA connections. Both of the 4G dongle modems support 4G LTE with different bands. It is backward compatible as well, meaning it is suitable for use with DC-HSPA+ 3G (850/900/1900/2100MHz) and 2G CDMA for situations where 3G/4G coverage is absent. This means that you will always have the fastest mobile network in your hands, wherever you may be.

However, you may have also had the privilege to experience having little or no LTE signal when traveling in a vehicle or inside your home/office. In order to get a solid connection, a LTE antenna is a must-have for your modems which will give you a solid connection even if you are in what appears to be a low signal area.

Both of the 4G modems Huawei E392 and E398 have antenna slot with TS9 connector, what you need is a TS9 connector LTE antenna. View the following details of the specification for the Huawei E392 antenna:

Type: External LTE antenna

Frequency : 0.7-2.7GHz

Impedance: 50 ohm

Max Power: 55 W 4

VSWR: <=1.5 :1 5

Gain Values: 18dBi

Polarization: Vertical

Color: Black or white

Cable length: 50cm cable

Connection type : TS9

Mounting : Suction cap

Compatible modem: Huawei E392, Huawei E398, Sierra Wireless 320U, Huawei k5005, mobile wifi Huawei E5776 and more.

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