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Announcement: Growth Hacking From Leads 2 Profits Takes Traditional Marketing To The Cleaners

Announcement: Growth Hacking From Leads 2 Profits Takes Traditional Marketing To The Cleaners

by WireService.coDecember 29, 2013

Many businesses seek traffic and leads. This is a given, but what one does with both of these to optimize a sales funnel, is what separates the wheat from the chaff.  

Australia – Leads 2 Profits is introducing Growth Hacking which creates dramatic improvements in business sales and profit without having to invest additional marketing dollars, provide any specialized skills or utilize add resources. It’s a proven plan to optimize profits in the shortest possible time. With multiple tactics to generate leads online and offline such as SEO, Google PPC, FB Ads, Direct Mail, Advertising and more, Growth Hacking is bringing businesses full circle with hacking principles used to create geometric growth.


Growth Hacking uses an unconventional scientific approach that breaks traditional rules of marketing by allowing rapid growth without putting out vast amounts of advertising dollars while tracking and improving results effectively.

The Company is offering a free download of their guide “The Pain Free Profit Maximisation Blueprint” which can be downloaded at The idea is for individual business owners to discover unique proprietary knowledge that will open doors and widen sales ideas toward more successful business practices.


Leads 2 Profits has been helping small to medium sized businesses with a turnover of greater than $1 million. The Company has successfully assisted clients in obtaining more leads into their sales funnel, and then converting more of the leads into paying customers. The benefits that flow from an increase in profitable sales from new and existing customers, keeps the focus on growth and has provided a proven origin to unique methods, tools and best practices that do not exist in the traditional marketing bag of tricks.

Glen Rothquel is the Founder of Leads 2 Profits and the Company is based in Sydney, Australia. Technology has been a real game changer for service delivery and Mr. Rothquel is able to help people from anywhere in the world with a personal and one-on-one approach. Mr. Rothquel states, ” Most businesses focus primarily on generating new leads through traditional sales and marketing initiatives, which is time consuming and costly, yet few have systems to deal effectively with the enquiries. Many have no mechanism to handle leads that don’t immediately convert into customers. They have no ‘nurturing’ process and they also ignore the greatest assets which already exist inside their business.” He goes on to say, “The key is to create and use solutions that have been overlooked by competitors. Optimizing customer value is the primary motivation, with growth being the outcome.”

Growth Hacking involves setting up repeatable systems, processes and mindsets that can be easily maintained. This is a method where each and every decision is informed by growth. Every strategy, tactic and initiative is intentional with the desire for growth. It’s about customer value optimization.

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