3D PageFlip Professional – Make e-Publications with 3D Page Flipping Effects

As the numerical strength of online readers grows consistently, there are also requirements for software that would make reading experiences more user-friendly for the reader.

Many people like to read 3D eBooks online instead of going for the traditional paperbacks. However, most of the times the user experiences of reading such books are not pleasant enough as they face various problems in reading those books. This is also a challenge for online digital publishers and they are looking continually for some solution to their problems.

Catering to such requirements of the publishers and readers, 3dpageflip.com has come up with software for generating 3D eBook that will give the readers awesome reading experiences. Included in the package are flip page, eBook cover, background templates, and various other apps all in 3D format.

Readers accustomed with 3D eBooks as well as experts hold that 3D eBooks is much better option compared to flat PDF as well as image files offered by many publications.

“Our 3D Page Flip Professional software is real qualitative and efficient professional software. It not only renders publication and reading of eBooks easier and convenient but also provides excellent features for the users to customize their e-magazines to make them unique in nature”, says the Director of software development wing of the company.

From the look of it his statement does not seem an empty boast. When the users resort to the software offered by 3dpageflip.com, they will not only experience excellent 3D features but also have the capabilities of editing multimedia materials and their features. Addition of video, audio, text, and flash to the flipping pages.

Users can also preview as well as save flip book as SWF, HTML, and Mac app for online and also offline. In addition; 3dpageflip.com also has 30 ready to use pre-defined 3D templates for its clients. Those that are not much conversant with 3D formats or do not relish shouldering the burdens of designing will find these predesigned 3D formats extremely useful.

3dpageflip.com has virtually dawned a new era in digital 3D world. For more detail information, go to http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/.

Natural Scenery Style Theme for 3D Page Turning Book

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To offer the outstanding flipbook software, 3DPageFlip keeps their creations for everyday work. Their main product, 3D PageFlip Professional, is a comprehensive tool that converts PDF to flipping books with 3D contents embedded. The software is both for Window and Mac. It is a converter, designer, and publisher. You can easily make eBook with page-flipping effects from PDF. You can also create 3D multimedia elements like 360 degree product show, 3D Sphere gallery for photo slideshow, rotating 3D panoramic background, etc. The fantastic software is welcomed in digital publishing word! Know more: http://www.3dpageflip.com.