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Flipbook Software, Turn PDF File into Multi-Purpose Flash Page Flipping Magazine

Flipbook Software, Turn PDF File into Multi-Purpose Flash Page Flipping Magazine

by Elsa D. ArnoldNovember 22, 2013 has announced McDonalds has partnered with the organization Reading is Fundamental to provide e-books to families. Digital e-books can now be created in HTML format with many different purposes. Now that there is software for creating page flipping e-books, there is even more contribution to digital books to modern culture than ever before.

With digital e-books, Schools can have digital textbooks while libraries have created electronic reading rooms and e-book readers are popping up from many major providers. McDonalds recently partner with RIF (Reading is Fundamental) to provide over 20 million books to families. They are being distributed to children through Happy Meals through 2014, providing the free and interactive content that has become so important to entertaining and educating.

While there has been argument over associating reading with fast food, RIF has distributed books in many locations including zoos and museums. The company and restaurant chain announced four Happy Meal e-books for November, with topics kids enjoy reading about and which focus on eating the right foods.

Digital e-books can be upgraded easily to HTML flipbooks through flipbook software provided by The software tool enables users to be creative. Its interface allows them to decide on the appearance and sound of the flipbook, add videos, and distribute it anywhere the electronic realm allows. Flipbooks are converted from PDF files and can be put on a website, social media, CD, and more.

Also, e-books are not the only possibilities. Users can easily create e-magazines, e-brochures, digital albums, and e-catalogs. Businesses can create advertising and generate buzz, or simply present content in a new and interesting way. Common e-books have provided this opportunity for a time; now multi-purpose digital e-books have even more uses.

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FlipPageMaker, Ltd. features a digital publishing software line, enabling home and business users to create unique, page-flipping e-books, brochures, magazines, and more. It has introduced innovative tools to the world software market for converting PDF or Office files into flipbooks. The China-based company was founded in 2008.

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