SunVault Energy Announces It is Bridging the Gap Between Old World Power Grid Infrastructure and New World Renewable Power Generation and Storage

Sunvault Energy, Inc (OTC BB: SVLT) announced its All-in-One plug and play technology combines solar energy generation with an integrated storage solution to reduce or potentially eliminate the monthly power bill.

The Company is preparing for a dramatic shift in power. SunVault’s technology platform and commercialization road map redefines the cost of electricity and the way it can be generated, stored, purchased, installed and utilized. From homeowners to businesses, from cell phones to cameras, from homes to apartment buildings, and to feeding the power grid, all of these powered situations and devices may have a new friend.

Leadership is crucial to carrying out the company’s goals especially when it comes to assisting with bridging the gap between old power grid infrastructure and new world renewable power generation and storage.  Sunvault Energy has assembled some of the industry’s best.

In fact, the MIT Road Map evaluation review (dated August 21, 2013 - ) said the following concerning Sunvault’s direction in leadership: “We are confident in the demonstrated technical and managerial ability of Sunvault’s leaders to execute industrial research…”

About SunVault Energy, Inc.:

SunVault Energy, Inc. is committed to bringing cost effective generation and energy storage to the solar industry through a seamless, novel and simultaneous integration of energy generation and storage at the molecular level. SunVault’s mandate is to deploy its platform in an attempt to eliminate the monthly electricity bill for anyone who uses electricity thereby positively impacting the lives of 6 billion people around the world. Neither the platform technology nor ensuing product roadmap are anticipated to be dependent upon government subsidy or tax incentive programs to create product demand.

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