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Componentality Oy, Finnish automotive systems manufacturer, announced the Celebrity Open Multimedia Gateway, World’s first true open source car infotainment.

Componentality Oy, Finnish automotive systems manufacturer, announced the Celebrity Open Multimedia Gateway, World’s first true open source car infotainment.

by emacmediaSeptember 4, 2013

Lappeenranta, Finland – Like few other vehicle head units, Celebrity is based on Android operating system and works under Ice Cream Sandwich, one of the freshiest versions of it. All the software, including kernel and OS source codes is public and available for the development community.

In a contrast to competitive devices, Celebrity is designed as multifunctional system, which can be connected to almost any displays and installed to the majority of the cars from low cost to high end. Due to the unique approach it can be used as a navigation module, multimedia or rear seat entertainment block.

“Celebrity starts the new epoch of in-vehicle infotainment”, says Alex Belous, CEO of Componentality Oy, “It is hundred percent modular and can be attached to multiple peripheral devices like pre-installed or aftermarket monitors, acoustics, storages and media players. It is like a core module for the multimedia that a driver can configure upon his or her choice”.

The Open Multimedia Gateway is enabled with all necessary communications including Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS and also has 3G and 4G modem options. It has onboard audio amplifier and several digital lines for car alarm and vehicle functions connectivity. HDMI, A/V and several USB connectors as well as microphone and headphone jacks allow enable a device with a number of auxiliary units.

“We are frequently asked, why don’t you do Celebrity as a double DIN module? It is easy: we vote for your freedom”, declares Konstantin Khait, Head of Engineering and product manager of Celebrity. “We didn’t want to create a “do as we said” device, but a module which you can apply upon your choice. We don’t know what car do you drive, which functions do you need, do you have pre-installed display or DIN module. Therefore we designed a module, which can be used in any configuration. For you as a driver or your children as passengers”.

Definitely, the first Celebrity target group is geeks and vehicle drivers who want to make their cars unique and really matching their own requirements. At the same time Componentality considers ordinal users and mass market to accept this concept. Celebrity OMG is as easy in installation as regular car audio, but does a lot more than other head units can provide.

“Moreover, Celebrity is an ultimate low cost solution”, says Anton Znamerovsky, Componentality CFO, “it is times cheaper than the most of automotive head units and you can get all innovative functions really inexpensive. And… any multimedia will become obsolete in a couple of years, while Celebrity is modular, so you just replace one obsolete module having all other equipment in place. It prolongs the lifetime of the car electronics which is usually much shorter than the lifetime of the vehicle itself”.

Currently Componentality sells limited amounts of Celebrity OMG to partners and key customers. Started crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo web portal should kick off mass production of the first OSS head unit and make it available for private clients.

Componentality Oy is Finnish corporation with headquarter in Lappeenranta, which design and manufacture automotive communication, navigation and multimedia devices, including innovative FlexRoad(tm) DSRC modules and Celebrity Open Multimedia Gateway. Componentality is a key company on the growing market of open source solutions for automotive doing both software and hardware for multiple segments of in-vehicle electronics.

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