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Animal Jam Releases New Mobile Game: Tunnel Town

Animal Jam Releases New Mobile Game: Tunnel Town

by WireService.coSeptember 5, 2013

Minneapolis, MN – National Geographic’s highly successful online kids game, Animal Jam, has expanded into the mobile gaming market with a new game called Tunnel Town.  This mobile app is currently available for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and some iPods.  Tunnel Town features some familiar rabbits from Animal Jam and their underground burrow.


Players breed, raise, and feed baby rabbits to build an underground lair of tunnels and rooms.  Use your bunnies to dig tunnels and decorate rooms while making sure they are cared for.  Grow a garden above ground to provide food for your rabbit colony.  Take your bunnies to the dance floor to breed entirely new species.

Tunnel Town seems to be a a very well-made mobile app, similar to its online counterpart, Animal Jam.  The app is totally free to play, all in-game content is available without having to pay a cent.  A player’s creativity is basically the limit in Tunnel Town, burrows can be made as complex or as simple as desired.

This game is available for download through the Apple App Store. There has been talk of developing Tunnel Town for Android devices but no concrete details have emerged yet.  Until then, iOS users can enjoy this immersive, 3D world for free on their Apple devices.  If you enjoy games like The Sims, dig into Tunnel Town and start building your underground empire.

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