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by emacmediaAugust 16, 2013

Dallas, TX  – Smart Healthy Women Magazine – Smart Healthy Women was founded as a forum to teach, inspire, delight and support women at all stages of their lives. At, there is a belief in synchronicity – that is, that visitors have come to the site at the perfect time. For those visitors it is serendipitous.

Think of it as a virtual support group – an online destination specifically designed to encourage dialogue on such things as health and fitness, relationships, family, career and other topics that matter to women who are fabulous, smart and want empowering and topical information to enrich their lives.

Smart Healthy Women Magazine brings to it’s community all the latest information on important topics like health, fitness, love, among others, and they like to throw in some controversy too, particularly where this information may fly in the face of popular opinion or established doctrine.

The site enlists the know-how of a group of highly-qualified and diverse writers who all pride themselves on understanding what it is that women want and expect out of an online mag aimed at their specific needs. They’ve made it their mission to give readers the most pertinent information that is practical and that works.

Smart Healthy Women Magazine believes that with all the trivia, misinformation and fluff out there in a lot of media outlets, occasionally women just need some soul nourishing and a place they can trust to look after after them. “We’re just like your big sister!” is essentially the slogan adopted by the community of writers and editorial staff.

Members have direct access to fabulous experts offerings, and the website includes special offers and effective strategic programs that have been proven to yield real results. You can even touch base with their team of experts, as well as get personal and professional opinions on matters like health, fitness, beauty, and business.

About Smart Healthy Women Magazine

Launched in February of 2013, Smart Healthy Women Magazine was created by Estelle Williams, a Certified Coach and author, to help provide the best in leading-edge health and fitness strategies with a good dose of common-sense. It is fuelled by a team of 25+ experts in diverse areas of concern to women such as health, fitness, food choices, wellbeing, relationships, career, finances and family.


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