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Parenting the Future: Momdoulary Certified Doulas & Parent Coaches are Changing Pregnancy & Parenting As We Know It

Parenting the Future: Momdoulary Certified Doulas & Parent Coaches are Changing Pregnancy & Parenting As We Know It

by emacmediaAugust 14, 2013

Today’s parent’s face challenges and opportunities unlike any generation before. Recognizing that birthing in today’s environment is different from that of any other space in history, Momdoulary, LLC responded by developing the Momdoulary Method Certified Doula and Parent Coaching Program, creating a task force of professionals prepared to spread a ripple of change throughout their communities, helping families better meet those challenges. Helping families build a stronger foundation can create a world of better tomorrows.

Modern parents are greeted by an avalanche of information, much of it conflicting. Women are frequently caught off guard by the powerful changes that accompany pregnancy: a changing body, transitioning relationships (even friendship!), and a whole new array of topics to become educated in – prenatal care, childbirth options, how to feed and care for your baby, which gadgets to acquire or how to support them through different phases and stages.

Experts and businesses vie for her attention and dollars, offering conflicting information and advice. This has given rise to the “Birth” and “Mommy” Wars – a natural response to conflicting information in a  climate where one must keep up with the Joneses while always seeking that “one right answer” they learned through years of schooling must magically exist. The result? Super stress!

Beginning with pre-natal care and the forthcoming labor, parents bump into dogmatic attachments to allopathic birth (“The epidural is the answer!”) clashing with Natural Childbirth (“All doctors, hospitals, and especially that epidural, are evil!”). This is just the beginning of the competing methods, though. Most know, sense within , that such dogma can’t be the answer, yet when experts weigh in on both sides with equally compelling information, neither quite resounds with most parents.

Parents naturally do what anyone would do in such circumstances: Turn to friends and family for advice. Only to find more turmoil and disagreement there! Reality hits: Every choice they are about to make carries political and personal statements. The pressure is on. No mater which path they choose, which options they embrace, they will be judged by others.

The only sane remaining action is to choose for oneself what ‘‘best fits” one’s family and needs, regardless of what anyone else thinks. How though, to best determine that? This is where the Momdoulary Professional enters the picture. Certified in 6 areas – birth, postpartum, and ante-partum doula, in-home childbirth educator, parenting preparation coach, and family lifestyle organizer, these new professionals enter a family’s life to both educate and to coach them through assessing their options, cutting to the chase in a non-judgmental way, as they help a family navigate options and opportunities, so they can identify what best fits their needs.

These professionals not only educate in terms of childbirth preparation and newborn care options, but guide a family through an assessment process that helps them identify their deeper needs as they enter the brave new world of parenthood. When the Big Day arrives, these professionals show up to provide labor support, guiding mom and partner through an array of comfort measures designed to provide optimal support and efficiency, while ensuring parents understand options, as well as how choices made at any point will impact choices open to them 2 hours or 2 centimeters later.

Support doesn’t end there. Far too many parents find themselves without much familial assistance at this time, given geographic challenges. The Momdoulary Professional typically continues assisting parents, as a postpartum doula and new parent coach, helping them navigate the early days of newborn care, as well as helping to coach them through organizing both their home and life commitments in a way that better suits the new path they’ve embarked upon.

Momdoulary Professionals are no lightweights. “Meeting the needs of modern parents demands quality people, quality education, understanding, and commitment. Here at Momdoulary we focus on excellence. Our qualifying graduates are put through over 200 hours of training, live coaching, Mentorship through their early case-work, and must meet stringent safety training to protect themselves and their clients, such as CPR, Food Handler Safety Training, Blood-Borne Pathogen training, Body Mechanics Safety, Conflict Resolution and more. Our admissions policy is challenging as well, as is our Board Exam. We pride ourselves on turning out the highest quality professional. Families, and future generations, are depending on us. We plan to continue to deliver,” said Laura Saba, author, parent educator, doula, and founder of the Momdoulary Method.

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