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Eight Steps To A Filing A “Quit Claim Deed” in Florida!

Eight Steps To A Filing A “Quit Claim Deed” in Florida!

by emacmediaAugust 5, 2013

Our Site, one of the Florida’s “Quit Claim Deed” specialist, has reported that the number-one problem most Floridians have as it relates to successful completion of a quit claim deed is their not having fully filled out the quit form.

Naples,Florida – Keith Abigail, head of the, who recently made the claim, says “The trick to a quick claim deed in Florida is completing the entire form and filing it with the county records office.”

According to the spokesperson, a quit claim deed in Florida is simply a transfer of property ownership to another person, if there is no other claims or liens on the property.

“Filling out a quit claim deed form in Florida is quite easy,” says Keith, who has provide the following eight steps to making the completion of a Quit Claim Deed form:

Step #1 — The first thing you do is read the entire for before filling out anything. You want to make sure you’re not agreeing to anything you don’t want in a quit claim.

Step #2 – Print your name clearly where is says “Filed for Record at the Request of ”. Use your full name.

Step #3 – On the line that states, “When Recorded Return to ”, fill out your full name and address including the state and zip code.

Step #4 – Fill out the cost of the property. The cost of the property is the amount you’re paying for it. If it was a gift, you can write, “$1 with love and affection”, or something similar such as “$10.00 and other goods and valuable consideration”.

Step #5 – Print the name and address of the grantee or grantees, which is the person giving you the rights to the property or the seller.

Step #6 – Fill out the city and county including the zip code.

Step #7 — Fill in the description of the property including the deed number. The legal description can be obtained from the county records office or from the original deed or mortgage records.

Step #8 – Both parties have to sign the document in front of a notary public. You can also use a witness, but it’s best to use the legal channels that are available to you. This is important if you want the document to be legal and to make sure there is “no contests” about the quit claim form.

Keith adds that after the form is filled out completely, it is to be immediately filed it with the local county records office.

A quick claim deed in Florida can be obtained at several online websites, free of charge. However, it might be prudent if persons have an attorney help them with filling out the form and filling it with the county records office. The phrase “quit claim”, not “quick claim”, means a person gives up all rights to a piece property or they “quit” all rights to a piece of property.

“Note that a quit claim must be filed in the county where the property is located,” concludes Keith, who further points out that after the quit claim is filled it is legally binding to all parties and the rights to the property.

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