Display Vimeo Video in Flash Pages by Using the Flip PDF Professional

Hong Kong, China – FlipBuilder.com has introduced a feature letting users add Vimeo videos on flipbook pages, using Flip PDF Professional software. The Flip Page Editor in the software allows users to edit many types of multimedia objects, including video, audio, text, shapes, Flash items, and the pages themselves. Functions for working with Vimeo videos are now incorporated.

The program now lets users add two types of Vimeo videos; one which plays on the page and another that is featured in a pop up effect from the e-book page. In addition, users can set when the video plays and stops, adding versatility to this unique feature. Two different video players are provided with the software, so e-book readers are more than likely to have compatibility so they can view the content. The video ID or a video URL can also be added, further exemplifying the software’s integration with the web.

Other functions supported include the ability to set the name of the video, the size of the player, and its transparency. The idea is to get e-books to be as engaging as websites have become. Viewers must be enticed to continue on reading a flipbook, and the new function helps to do just this. There are many ways to add video to a publication. Doing so enhances its value, making it more salable and valuable to the marketing needs of an organization.

Videos in a flipbook can feature instructions in a product catalog, such as “how-to” videos and tutorials. People are likely to place orders sooner and support personnel do not have to spend as much time helping them work the device, appliance, etc. Videos can also feature e-book, author, or business introductions or a personalized message. This enables the e-book creator to connect with clients, customers, and fans on a more personal level. It is also possible to add news reels, with anything from storm footage to sports teams to company news.

Support for Vimeo videos adds one more bit of versatility to Flip PDF Professional. For more details on the software and its many features, go to the product page at http://www.flipbuilder.com/flip-pdf-pro/.

About FlipBuilder.com

FlipBuilder.com is a creator of a flipbook software series for creating e-books, magazines, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, and more out of PDFs and other common file types. It is part of Wonder Idea Technology Limited, a Hong Kong based business founded in 2008. User feedback, customer satisfaction, and ease of use are the primary goals of the company.

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