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Create Slider Plugins in Different Templates by Using jQuery Slider Maker, Hi Slider

Create Slider Plugins in Different Templates by Using jQuery Slider Maker, Hi Slider

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 27, 2013

Hong Kong, China –, a new website is recently launched and it brings latest jquery slider maker tool called Hi Slider at no cost. People can visit the website to download the software directly.

HiSlider is introducing the latest jquery slider software that is powerful enough to create any jquery slider without any coding. The owner of HiSlider says, “It is a known fact that usage of jquery image sliders has become very popular in web design in the past few years. With this latest tool, users can eye-catching and dynamic websites that would be able to engage their visitors in a great way.”

According to the website, this software is for personal use that enables one to publish responsive jquery image slideshows, javascript slideshow presentation, website sliding banners and wordpress slider plugins. The tool is easy to use as it requires no knowledge of coding and saves time as well.

A spokesperson of HiSlider says, “The product comes with fancy effects and designs. Users can choose from several top-notch transition effects such as DVertical, DHorizontal, rotate, base, block, slice, stack, shuffle and wipe. It enables users to use one effect in all slides or different effects for each one. In addition, each effect is customizable so that users can meet their specific requirements.”

The website also informs that the tool is compatible with almost every modern device such as iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows Phone, etc. It can also run on different browsers such as IE7+, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. With Touch Swipe Support of this tool, it enables one to touch and swipe the slider on devices with touch screen facility.

Peter S, web designer from Michigan says, “I have been looking for a unique slider tool and thanks to HiSlider for their jquery slider software. It has series of practical custom settings for making the slider distinctive. It is great that I can define proportions of image slider, color, background, button icons, font settings, thumbnails and more.”

HiSlider jquery slider maker also allows designing the slider jquery with YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and images. In addition, the output sliders enable loading slides on demand so that the users do not need to wait until every slider is completely downloaded.

About: is a new website that is introducing latest jquery slider software with unique features. The slider tool can be downloaded without any cost. For more information, visit

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