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Celebrating Pet Rescue and Pet Friendly Businesses- KEA Productions’ 1st Annual Rescue Weekend

Celebrating Pet Rescue and Pet Friendly Businesses- KEA Productions’ 1st Annual Rescue Weekend

by emacmediaAugust 28, 2013

KEA Productions is organizing a campaign to celebrate pet adoption and rescues during their 1st annual Rescue Weekend. The event will partner with pet friendly business and organizations to offer discounts to pet rescue families.

Greater San Francisco Bay Area  – KEA Productions is an award-winning, cutting-edge video production company that specializes in documentary-style promos and web and mobile marketing. The company strives to empower businesses by helping them take advantage of the mobile marketing strategies. The KEA Productions team consists of members with 10 plus years of professional experience in video production and web marketing. Kamala Appel the Founder of KEA Productions believes that the pet friendly business community deserves some recognition and “props” for making life more enjoyable for pet owners and their pets. With this in mind KEA Productions is organizing a cause marketing campaign to support rescue pets and the pet friendly business community.

Rescue Weekend is a brilliant platform for rescue groups, pet lovers and pet friendly businesses to come together for a win-win-win relationship. The win for businesses will be a complimentary month of online and offline promotion to pet owners and pet enthusiasts. Through the campaign, KEA Productions hopes to motivate people to rescue and adopt pets from shelters. The campaign will be held during the first annual Rescue Weekend from September 20th to 22nd 2013.

“We look forward to providing businesses with an effective and efficient way to do cause marketing so that they can “do good” in a way that is also good for their branding and bottom line”- Kamala Appel, KEA Productions

Rescue Weekend will be a great chance for pet groomers, veterinarians, doggie day care owners, pet supplies shops and the like to receive wonderful marketing support for their business. KEA Productions does not confine promotion only to direct pet service providers. They also extend the promotional offer to other pet friendly businesses and organizations. Hotels, spas, restaurants, fitness studios or basically any business that is pet friendly and welcomes people with pets or that wants to support the cause of pet rescue and adoption can claim this offer. Organizations willing to make a deal with the pet owning community can participate in Rescue Weekend to gain tremendous exposure.

“We are excited to offer this program to help businesses better serve pet owners because like pets, they’re a loyal customer base”- Kamala Appel, KEA Productions

There is a special pet-friendly deal site to promote pet-friendly businesses and it is completely FREE for partnering businesses to participate, if selected. Interested parties are invited to watch a video that provides the more details about how partners can grow their businesses with ease. And then contact KEA Productions about becoming an official partner.

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