3D PageFlip Professional Adds Feature to Create Flash Flip Book into Popular EPUB

Hong Kong, China – Digital publishing software company 3DPageFlip.com has updated 3D PageFlip Professional software to version 1.7.3, which features an update to publishing in EPUB format. In the latest version of the software released on July 30, 2013, a bug in this format has been fixed. The program now allows users successfully publish their e-books in EPUB, expanding the range of readers supporting flipbooks.

An independent e-book format, EPUB is readable on most platforms. Readers can view e-books on KoboeReader, Blackberry Playbook, and Apple’s iBook app running on iPad, iPhone, and other devices. The Amazon Kindle, however, is the only popular device that does not support the format. A vast majority of device owners though can read an e-book in the popular independent format and have the full flipbook experience.

To use EPUB in 3D PageFlip Professional, users must click on “Publish” once they complete the design of their flipbook. The next step is to choose “Flash/HTML5” or “ZIP” output types from the interface. Users then select “Also make Epub” after which they can set Epub Options such as title, author, publisher, and comment.

Version 1.7.3, in addition to fixing a bug in the new format, features updates to the ability to modify read-only documents and view a page when displaying a 3D object. New functions include deleting items in “Recent Project” and “Open Project Folder”, downloading images from Photo SlideShow, and adjusting the size of the YouTube player with the page editor.

Enabling users to convert PDF, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, and images into flipbooks, the software has a number of functions for adding multimedia and creating a custom e-book. The flipbook can then be output to PC, tablet, FTP server, and the web. An unlimited number of documents can be converted following the initial purchase, providing users with a versatile and convenient program.

For more information on 3D PageFlip Professional and the updated EPUB format, please go to http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/.

About 3DPageFlip, Ltd.

Based in China, 3DPageFlip, Ltd. was founded in 2008 and specializes in creating digital publishing software using 3D technology. Business and individuals can create e-books, presentations, and more with stunning visual effects. The company provides a high level of technical support and even takes suggestions from users to frequently update its software, allowing for constant improvements and customer satisfaction.

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