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Versatile Photo to Flipbook converter and designer

Versatile Photo to Flipbook converter and designer

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 15, 2013

Hong Kong, China – has announced the introduction of Photo to FlipBook, a simple software tool for importing photos and creating realistic flipbooks. The product allows for the creation of photo albums in minutes, with an individual custom look and feel. Users do not need any programming or technical skills to produce professional looking flipbooks with a realistic page turning effect.

Users import as many photos as they wish with ease. Common file formats are supported by the new software, including JPG, PNG, BMP, and more. In addition, there are themes and templates to add. Background colors and images, and toolbar colors also contribute to the ability to customize each flipbook. The software is so versatile that people from all walks of life can find practical uses for it. Best of all, it is simple to learn and use so one can get to work right away to design attractive photo albums.

While casual users will find Photo to FlipBook enticing, it is businesses which can benefit most from the inexpensive and feature-packed software. The program is great for photography companies, for example, specializing in creating photo albums for people. Being able to easily produce page-flipping albums gives these companies more options to offer clientele and an opportunity to expand their services.

The software also provides any business with a simplistic way to create brochures. Flipbooks are good for any business material, but product brochures are one application the program is most suitable for. An attractive layout can effectively draw in potential customers. The ability to present products in an organized way gives any company a boost in marketing and potentially increasing its sales volume. In a similar way, the software provides travel agencies with a means to convert photos for marketing deals and packages using photographic views, for example.

Other features of the software include design tools for adjusting photo angle, quality, size, margin, opacity, color, and more. Users can also add background music, zoom in/out functions, and security measures such as passwords. While photo flipbooks can be put on a CD, anyone can publish it to a website or email it to a customer. Photo to FlipBook is so versatile that it can be linked with Google Analytics to track how many visitors saw the photo book. More details and uses of the software are available at

About is a China-based company that specializes in creating and selling digital publishing software to users and businesses worldwide. It has entered the world market with innovative tools for converting common files into page flipping e-books. It is a part of Flippagemaker Software Co., Ltd, founded in 2008 and which continues unprecedented growth.

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