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by emacmediaJuly 9, 2013

Vienna – 5DCUBE is an international company that specializes in helping businesses reach their marketing goals through retargeting and targeting.

5DCUBE is a relatively new company that specializes in retargeting and audience targeting. The staff at 5DCUBE strive to develop innovative solutions that help businesses optimize their marketing strategies by ensuring that each company is targeted with specific display ads at the best time.

5DCUBE specializes in three main services designed for each business. The first is pure performance personalized retargeting. Their services are designed to increase website conversions to personalize ads for site visitors who left without converting.

The second is customer acquisition with pretargeting. This service is designed to gain an increased traffic of new visitors by matching 3rd party search data with 2st and 2nd party site-side data that will personalize eye-catching ads to users who have not yet visited a company’s site. This service increases site traffic, and specifically is designed to gain a new customer base.

The third service is customer acquisition with look-alike targeting. This is a unique and highly sought after way to find new users who may have been missed by other marketing efforts. Look-alike targeting solutions helps companies to find users who have fallen between the cracks in previous marketing efforts. These are people who bear similarities to current customers or valued audiences, but may have been missed or overlooked. Finding these niche customers is a huge asset for businesses and may help them increase their customer base by making just a few simple changes. 5DCUBE can find these hidden assets and turn them into profitable acquisitions for businesses.

5DCUBE works on the cutting edge where technology and marketing intersect. Their team has developed a set of optimization algorithms designed to produce banners that are relevant to specific users, targeting each person with a personalized message.

The display advertising industry primarily uses CPM and CPC models. However, these can be a little pricey and not give customers a great return for their investment. 5DCUBE uses a CPA approach which directly links costs to revenue, giving a better return. Although many advertising companies are unable to take on the challenge of building a CPA model, 5DCUBE employs some of the top people in the business including prominent PhD’s, MAs, and other computer-savvy individuals.

This company is designed to help each business run a cost-effective campaign with a risk-free CPA business model, the heart of a performance driven business model today.

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