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Europeanbarging Offers 4 and 6 Night Cruises in Burgundy on the 6 Passenger Wine and Water Barge

Europeanbarging Offers 4 and 6 Night Cruises in Burgundy on the 6 Passenger Wine and Water Barge

by WireService.coJuly 18, 2013

Spring, TX — Europeanbarging is offering the ultimate experience in cruising: all the luxuries of a Burgundy barge cruise with a relaxed, dynamic atmosphere.

Board one of Europeanbarging’s luxurious barges to indulge in a cruise through the Burgundy region of France. Captain and crew welcome you while a chef creates regional specialties to prepare you for the three or six-night Burgundy barge cruise.

Visit the capitol of Burgundy wines, Chateau du Clos de Vouguet (Vougeot.) In the heart of Burgundy’s vineyards, 12th-century monks built a wine farm; the 16th century saw the addition of a Renaissance-style chateau. Clos de Vouguet (Vougeot) features a medieval vat-house, Cisterian cellar and its original kitchens. Enjoy regional wine tastings with the vineyards themselves in view.

Take a tour of the Hospices de Beaune, a former almshouse and hospital for the poor. Today the 15th-century structure houses a museum that attracts thousands of visitors a year. The Hospices de Beaune’s tiled roof with its distinctive geometric pattern has become the symbol of the Burgundy region.

Shop for souvenirs, stepping from cobbled streets into quaint boutiques. Discover your own local wine tastings before buying a few bottles to share back home. Enjoy delectable meals in the local restaurants that the captain books for you – or that you discover yourself.

Don’t fret about all the indulgent food and wine you’ll be enjoying. Europeanbarging’s wine cruise has built in many opportunities to be active. While your barge meanders along the canal in the narrow Valley of the Ouche, take the opportunity to walk or bike along the tow path. Stroll down medieval streets, hike through vineyards and amble through museums and chateaux. A Burgundy barge cruise allows you the luxury of more activity than your usual cruise.

Europeanbarging cruises are especially of interest for those who have seen all the major tourist sites or who want to enjoy a more insightful tour of Europe. All barges feature a knowledgeable crew who provide top-level service to ensure your wine cruise is memorable. Crew members enjoy offering suggestions to passengers and even imparting little-known tidbits about the locale. The food is top-notch and prepared to emphasize specialties of the region.

Rates start at $14,080 for the four-night charter itinerary and $22,450 for the six-night itinerary, based on six-passenger occupancy. The rates include gourmet meals, regional cheeses and wines, an open bar and all excursions. Your accommodation is a lovely cabin with a private bath.

Burgundy is waiting.


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