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Dan Hostettler releases his “Model Posing: Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” eBook with Famous Nude Model Jenni Czech

Dan Hostettler releases his “Model Posing: Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” eBook with Famous Nude Model Jenni Czech

by emacmediaJuly 15, 2013

Dan Hostettler, a professional nude photographer and StudioPrague workshop mentor for many years, released the new visual guide for photographers and photo enthusiasts “Model Posing: Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” with well-known nude model Jenni Czech.

This is the first guide of Dan’s newly created educational line named “Learn Nude Photography!”

In this guide, famous nude model Jenny Czech presents her pretty self while leading you through various situations in a visual way that is relaxed yet sexy at the same time.
Model Posing: Not only Looks but Filled with many Details!
“Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” is not only meant to be perceived as collection of looks alone. This book actually provides the photo enthusiasts and pros with priceless insider knowledge. Once the readers follow the advices given, they can rest assured that their image tells exactly the story they have envisioned when creating the scenery. This awesome material is an absolute must have for any enthusiast and pro photographer shooting glamour and nude images.
Facial Expressions, Hands, Gestures & dedicated poses

“Expressions” does not only imply facial mimics, but also hands and specific gestures that play a pretty important role. This guide also assists the readers particularly with lots of examples and a great deal of tips about how to give proper instructions and direct the model while also informing you them about any other details you have to pay close attention to.

“Model Posing: Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling”: An eBook Guide with Bonus Sheets for only $14.95
With over 190 exciting photos, various essential pro advices on more than 130 pages and two bonus cheat sheets, “Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” is the only book that fully and comprehensively covers this specific topic.

“Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” is released as an eBook, initially as PDF. Paperback and Kindle versions are in preparation.
The PDF book retail price is USD 14.95.

In the Author’s Own Words

“Photography is about communicating a message to the audience, whether it is a scene of tranquil peacefulness or a sexy pinup giving the camera a knowing wink. In photography and just in plain old life we use our facial expressions to tell others around us how we feel”, said Dan, the author of “Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling”.

“Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” shows the photographers how to direct their models into compelling positions and meaningful storytelling in a heartbeat”, Dan concluded.

About Author & Model

Dan Hostettler, APE. Author, Photographer, Entrepreneur

Dan Hostettler is a Swiss nude photographer, author and entrepreneur living and working in Prague, Czech Republic.
In 2001 Dan founded his flagship StudioPrague which as a dedicated production company has received international recognition for Nude Photography productions and high end workshops. Dan continues in 2013 with its latest innovation, BLOG+, an online learning environment dedicated to help train and mentor other photography enthusiasts in Glamour, Boudoir and Nude Photography.

Aside from his own creations, Dan has been published and featured on and in GQ Online, The India Times, and FashionONE TV.

Jenni Czech – Nude Photo Model, TV presenter & photo production instructor

Jenni Czech is a full time international model based in the Czech Republic.

Jenni has been published in many national and international publications including Playboy and Penthouse. Her images have been in commercials for D&G Watches, Moschino and Gucci Sunglasses to name a few.

In addition, she currently works part-time as a show presenter for private Czech TV.

Contact Information:

Name: Dan Hostettler, Creative Director
Professional Nude Photographer & Workshop Mentor

Company Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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