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Create Distinctive 3D PageFlip Publication with High Quality Free Themes

Create Distinctive 3D PageFlip Publication with High Quality Free Themes

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 10, 2013

Hong Kong, China – Themes are just like clothes, you might like them initially but after a certain period you would like to replace them with a whole new wardrobe. You can even compare them with girls, you might have the best girl with you but looking at others you might feel that you deserve someone better, so crave for a change.

The Flipping book Software 3D PageFlip Professional by 3DPageFlip helps you create 3D magazines or flash content to increase viewership of you website or even attract customers to buying your product. The software helps you convert your PDF or other compatible documents into attractive flash content in minutes. The software has a very user friendly interface and with each update they are introducing more and more exciting features.

This is not only for attracting customers to using your services or buy your products but can also be used within the firm itself to help motivating as well as giving employees the will to work harder.

After having successfully launching the flipbook software has been updating their softwares with new features and themes. 3DPageFlip released the Rainbow Blossom theme for 3D flipping book design. Out of the many attractive themes they have added this too in their arsenal and what more, the theme is free, giving users an extra option to choose from.

The theme already provides you with some of its pre-defined backgrounds but you can also customize it by selecting your favorite background or the background that is appropriate to suit the content you are going to display. This software provides you with a whole new set of features that no other regular software provides, and the range of content one can customize to suit his or her needs is impeccable.

The Rainbow Blossom theme is available in the “Fresh” template option. Users can opt for using this attractive theme by importing it in the “Fresh” Template. The simple steps involved for selecting a theme is shown in the following link, please click to know more:

Themes are customizable; one can not only select the pre-defined themes but can also use their creative mind to create a theme. The 3D PageFlip Professional and 3D PageFlip Standard provide you with this option. You can save the theme for future use and can even share them with family and friends.

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