Anthony McCullough with Keller Williams Realty to Move in a New Location

Atlanta GA, – Anthony McCullough, together with the Keller Williams Realty, will soon be moving in a new location, which is situated at 3650 Habersham Rd Atlanta GA 30305. Even with this fact, Buckhead clients are still given the assurance that they will be assisted and provided with solutions with their real estate needs.

Moving the base of a company is something that rarely happens. However, there are cases that this action must be taken especially if it involves expansion. In relation to that, one of the leading real estate companies in Buckhead is planning to move from Peachtree Rd to the heart of Buckhead, which is nestled at 3650 Habersham Rd Atlanta GA 30305. It does not mean that Anthony and the Keller Williams Realty will already leave its Buckhead clients behind. He and his company understand the needs of their Buckhead clients, and they also understand that every client is essential for a company. That is why together with Anthony McCullough and the Keller Williams Realty moving to a new location, they will also bring along their Buckhead clients in their new location. This means that, even with the new location, Anthony will still ensure that all his Buckhead will still be provided with the service they need.

Anthony McCullough is a real estate agent who has already gained several years of experience in providing solutions for its client’s needs. He is specializing in selling luxury condo and single family luxury condo. Currently, he is about to take action of his plan in moving from his new location. Anthony McCullough will be moving in 3650 Habersham Rd Atlanta GA 30305 this coming July 1st. Whether the client is experiencing a hard time deciding on selling or purchasing a house, with just one call to Anthony McCullough that will be solved. Keller Williams Realty of Buckhead is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anthony McCullough is informing all its Buckhead clients that he is moving in a new location, which is at the heart of Buckhead. This will be a great opportunity for those Buckhead residents to seek his help in deciding whether they will sell or purchase their house. For people who are about to move in the Buckhead area, feel free to ask for Anthony McCullough’s Anthony assistance.
Anthony McCullough
Keller Williams Realty of Buckhead
3650 Habersham Rd Atlanta GA 30305