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3D PageFlip Software can make Three-dimensional eBooks with thoughtful Design Features

3D PageFlip Software can make Three-dimensional eBooks with thoughtful Design Features

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 4, 2013

Hong Kong, China – Not only does 3D PageFlip Professional make it easy to convert and edit page flipping e-books. It now also allows users to create realistic page flipping books which look similar to traditional reading materials. The 3D effects enhance the reading experience by visually engaging people and allowing them to take advantage of various multimedia elements. Using the software, e-books with realism and which provide comfort can be created; there are numerous features which allow for this.

One of the features in 3D PageFlip Professional contributing to its realism is the ability to decide the flip interval in Auto Flip mode. Users can decide the time interval in seconds; for most situations, the company recommends three seconds. The chosen time interval gives readers a chance to take in the page and scan its contents. Depending on what is included in the book, other times may be more practical.

Users can also choose to show the TiltAngle button on the reading interface. It enables readers to adjust the tilt angle of the book when reading it. Most people read actual books at an angle comfortable for them. The tilt feature helps users get used to the book by finding a comfortable angle, so reading on the screen becomes like reading a physical book. In addition, users of 3D PageFlip Professional can set the page thickness on the design panel. This helps make the e-book more real, in that instead of flat files, the 3D effects create pages which look realistic.

Two different types of 3D e-books can be designed. Users can choose to display them as a double-page book. There is also an option to display an e-book in single-page mode where the pages slide one by one, suitable for albums and pictures. Users, therefore, have options to customize the e-book depending on what it is being used for. Readers will then have a more comfortable experience and find the experience more realistic.

Aside from the realism and comfort 3D PageFlip Professional can provide, plus its convenient conversion and multimedia tools, many other useful features are included. To see more, a free trial can be downloaded from the product website and installed for free. Users can get accustomed to the experience even before buying the full version. For more, go to


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3d flipping book created by 3D PageFlip Professional!

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