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3D PageFlip Professional is a big help on flash digital publications creation

3D PageFlip Professional is a big help on flash digital publications creation

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 12, 2013

Hong Kong, China – Electronic publishing software company has announced the new capabilities introduced by 3D PageFlip Professional software. With this versatile electronic publishing tool, users can convert, edit, and publish e-books, e-magazines, e-brochures, and e-catalogs. Ordinary files created in PDF, OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, image, and other formats can be converted to page-flipping e-books in a few clicks, while multimedia can easily be added and embedded within each page.

Among the possibilities with the software is the ability to make 3D effects. In addition to the realistic page-flipping effect seen on the screen, users can add 3D backgrounds plus images, objects, and more. This allows people to add any type of multimedia to optimize the content of their e-books, which can be used in many ways. The content can be spiced up to entice readers and encourage others to buy, or used to enhance business brochures, product catalogs, and any type of magazine. A bonus of the software is that the user does not need any publishing or programming experience to create a professional multimedia page-flipping e-book.

For readers, there are multiple ways in which an e-book can be read. Flipbooks can be output in PC format for readers to download or copy off a CD or DVD. Another option is to publish them to a website and embed with the content. An increasingly popular way, however, is to publish an e-book in a format compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, and other common mobile devices. People with mobile devices can then read the flipbook no matter where they choose to do so.

In fact, the company has developed the free 3D PageFlip Reader so people can more easily read flipbooks on their device. The idea is to support as many formats as possible and for a maximum amount of people to have access to flipbooks. As flipbooks become more universal, more publishers, businesses, and individual users will demand the software as the choice for converting their documents to multimedia e-books.

Since its inception, the company has revolutionized the way people access and assimilates information. To learn more about 3D PageFlip Professional and the company in general, visit


The online company is part of 3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd., a electronic publishing software provider founded in 2008 and based in China. Since it started, the company has grown through providing innovative software worldwide and using customer feedback to solve issues and improve its products. The company works with public and private companies, organizations, and unions plus home users, making 3D technology universally available to stay ahead of the competition.

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