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Purchase FlipBook Creator in a More Secure Fashion

Purchase FlipBook Creator in a More Secure Fashion

by Elsa D. ArnoldJune 14, 2013

Hong Kong, China – FlipPageMaker, a popular company that provides cost-effective and innovative digital publishing products, has partnered with REGNOW to offer their clients a safe and secure order or transaction process. REGNOW is the FlipPageMaker’s e-commerce partner for their website. It provides an order process, which is protected by a secure connection to provide ease and satisfaction to customers.

REGNOW with FlipPageMaker ensures a secure transaction process so that the data will be sent securely and will be read by the recipient only. In addition to that, essential information including the addresses, credit numbers, etc. will be sent over the internet securely. Therefore, clients who want to purchase the high quality products of FlipPageMaker need not worry about the safety and security of the transaction process.

Clients of FlipPageMaker can purchase the best digital publishing software through REGNOW. They can use a credit card, fax-credit card, wire/bank transfer with invoice, and many more. Clients who will purchase must provide the right information needed to complete the transaction. The basic personal information required includes a phone number, name, address, and email. It is because the register key will be received by the clients through their email.

FlipBook Creator, the offered product of FlipPageMaker, is suitable for everyone who wants to use the finest page flip software. It allows anyone to create HTML5 and Flash flipbooks within several minutes. Readers who are interested to purchase or to know more about the software must visit its official website.

FlipPageMaker is a known company for providing a product line of online publications. It also offers some digital publishing tools or applications, which are suitable for home work and business.  The company is committed in providing users the finest digital printing solutions that give users an ultimate experience when using a reliable and perfect digital publishing tool. The products of FlipPageMaker have gained wide market recognition because of their functionality and high quality performance. The recent product lines of FlipPageMaker are Office to FlipBook tools and PDF to FlipBook tools. FlipPageMaker was established in the year of 2008. The location of the company’s headquarters is in China, and they have branch offices located in Hong Kong.


To get additional details about the partnership of and REGNOW to provide secure order for their clients, visit Readers who have concerns about the ordering process at FlipPageMaker may visit It contains information that will help you to shop successfully.

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