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Games Like World of Warcraft List Showcases the Best Free to Play MMO Games

Games Like World of Warcraft List Showcases the Best Free to Play MMO Games

by WireService.coJune 29, 2013

Gettysburg, PA – MMO Worlds, the top website for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), has now released its latest and most popular feature: the WoW Clones: Fun Games like World of Warcraft But F2P list that helps players find free to play MMORPG games that are similar to the bestselling World of Warcraft (WoW) game.

games like World of Warcraft

“These days free to play games are very much in demand because people are much less willing to shell out money right away to buy a game and then pay the monthly subscription. Free to play is where its at so we wrote this list to show players that there are quite a few good MMOs that are quite similar to WoW but free,”said Darius Johnson, editor of MMO Worlds.

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The list consists only of free to play MMORPGs. Some require a client download while others are no download browser games.

“We use the term ‘WoW clone’ for those MMOs that share certain similarities with WoW though, of course, these so-called WoW clones have a lot to offer in terms of unique gameplay features and a great gaming experience. However, their biggest draw is that it costs absolutely nothing to play them,” said Johnson.

Johnson went on to explain that in the gaming world many new releases are called clones if they share similar gameplay mechanics with a popular game. For example, first-person shooters used to be called Doom clones. The same thing is happening now with WoW clones.

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