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eFlip Standard Software Makes PDF to Flipbook Likes A Real Book

eFlip Standard Software Makes PDF to Flipbook Likes A Real Book

by Elsa D. ArnoldJune 8, 2013

Hong Kong, China – By now, everyone is accustomed to reading EBooks. Originally when books appeared in digital format it was quite exciting and it took reading a book to another level. Today the EBook is just a normal part of daily life. eFlip Standard is software that for all intents and purposes is an upgrade to the EBook. eFlip Standard can make amazing flipping books from PDF files, Microsoft Office and Open Office documents. There is a huge difference between the experience of reading a page flipping book made with eFlip software and reading a common EBook.

Who is this software best suited for? For anyone who is in need of attractive brochures, catalogs, publications for their business or organization. And of course it is perfect for those wanting to publish EBooks. Its distinctive software makes EBooks with attractive page flipping effects from normal computer documents and the process is simple. eFlip Standard can also publish flipping books into multiple formats: html, app, exe, zip, fbr, and app.

Users can fully customize the flip book with their brand messaging, logos, sound, colors and icons, background, and other company/promotion related information. A demo on the sites’ homepage gives a full demonstration of how users can navigate the software to create polished, professional publications with the added convenience of the flipping pages. This is available nowhere else.

Founder/Creator of the eFlip Standard software, Sam Hung, discussed why this innovative technology has changed EBooks forever. “Realistic page flipping effects bring a new experience to readers. Flash flip book is a perfect combination of previous eBook and media elements.” he said.

pdf to flipbook likes a real book! - created in eFlip Standard from

The features of a flipping book are characterized by the following: it shows the PDF to flipbook like a real book; it is embedded with animated background scenes that add color and pop to products or children’s stories, etc.; users have the option to develop the Book from a well-designed template; narration may be added to tell the story of the book or voiceover to speak directly to readers about a product; and Background music can be included as well to add to the experience.

The software contains many other great features to design attractive digital brochures. Those who are ready to purchase may download now or try the free trial version first. For more information, visit:

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