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Share eBooks Online for Free When Using the eFlip Standard

Share eBooks Online for Free When Using the eFlip Standard

by Elsa D. ArnoldMay 31, 2013

Hong Kong, China – From the name of eFlip Standard, you will easily know it is a page flipping software, and it is right. But things are not that easy, for eFlip Standard also, it is not just a converter, it also a bone of all your flipping publications. When you are puzzle about where to put your flipping books, come to eFlip Standard would be your most smart choice; it can keep almost more than 250 pieces of your flipping book in the bookcase, so it is really a salient bone for your digital flipping books.

The careful babysitter of eFlip Standard has been launched and comes with 5 GB of data storage for you to upload your e-books to the Web.

When we talk about the flipping book software, we only think it is a converter, well, eFlip Standard is also a responsible flipping book keeper. When you are converting a flipping book and regarding the book as a commercial attachment, what would you do? Keep the page flipping book in your PC, you can only take others come and see it? It may be not that convenient for you, right? Output it as exe or zip file, transmit the book via email? What if others the readers have no habit of checking the email? And it needs too much time for each sending, right?

All worrying above can be solved when you got the eFlip Standard. 5 GB storage, safe and enough, why not? You may upload to the eFlip server anytime when you finished the conversion from PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice documents into page-flipping e-books. It is all your personal storage for flipping books, so go ahead and make full use of the Upload feature. So after the uploading, you can share the links of needed flipping books via emails, a website or social media.

Other benefits to using the company’s online server include the easy management of e-books, which can be deleted, hidden, or shared with others. Flipbooks can also be shown in Bookcase automatically after they are uploaded; online book stores are especially accommodated by this function, as it now takes little time to publish an e-book online. Also, the Upload Online Server eliminates the requirement someone has to have a website to publish their work online. Users don’t have to have websites and are provided with space to store their e-books online. One flip book maker can do all these works perfectly.

Publish flip book on to web for free through eFlip Standard!

In the end, for some users, the security is important, so when you are converting the flip page digital books, you can embed the password. Even someone get your links of flipping books occasionally, without the password, even Jesus cannot see the content, well, Jesus knows everything, I just mean no one can enter your book. Warm warning: the security also makes sure that your flipping books may be your products for selling.

About eFlip Solution

eFlip Solution is a young and energetic team of digital book develop company which is built up in 2008, and it find the value of the online bookcase, so eFlip Standard comes. Know more about the eFlip Solution or other advanced flipping tools, please go to every feature is innovative and helpful to users.

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