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Create Digital Interactive Contents with FlipPageMaker Software

Create Digital Interactive Contents with FlipPageMaker Software

by Elsa D. ArnoldMay 20, 2013

Hong Kong, China – FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Professional, digital publishing tools from, both now feature an online Bookshelf. The feature enables users to sort their page flip e-books and magazines by title, date, new, and more, including ascending and descending order. The most beneficial perk is it is integrated with the publisher’s shopping cart, so readers can quickly identify the titles they want and purchase them. In addition, the Bookcase has a search feature and simplified navigation.

The new feature is especially helpful in building a digital library and managing an online e-book store. There are many online stores now selling e-publications to customers. One example is the digital magazine service, Zinio, launched recently by the St. Tammany Parish Library in Louisiana. Using a library card, users can download over 100 magazines. An app even allows viewers to read magazines online. The availability of such a service demonstrates just how prevalent e-magazines have become; demand for them has reached all corners of the United States and is spreading across the world.

In addition, Wethersfield Library in Connecticut has made the Zinio digital magazine service available. Readers can see these on computers, iPads, Androids, and most other mobile devices by creating an account with their library card online. These examples of digital libraries prove that people want to read their magazines electronically. It is therefore easy to predict, according to, that massive digital libraries are on the way.

The Bookshelf tool in the company’s flash flipbook software was developed by three experienced software engineers. Since it began developing the software in 2008, the new tool is the greatest leap in its product line and has dominated talk of the new features constantly added. The Bookshelf will continue to be perfected as all of the functions in the software are. Digital magazine services are one profitable area the company sees as users of its revolutionary software.

pdf to flash page flip book created with Flipbook Creator!

FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Professional are software tools enabling users to convert PDF files to flipping page e-books. Flash effects, video, pictures, and more can be added using the simple interface. Users do not need professional experience to develop these electronic publications quickly. It is suitable for all types of businesses plus home users. For more information on the company, its software, and the new Bookshelf feature, visit


FlipPageMaker is based in China and began creating innovative digital publishing tools in 2008. Its PDF to flash page flip book conversion software has become popular among home users and business worldwide and now has features to support any digital magazine service. Software and template downloads are available online, while the company offers top-notch customer service to aid any problem and come up with solutions for new software versions.

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