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3DPageFlip encourage people to upload e-book to their existing websites

3DPageFlip encourage people to upload e-book to their existing websites

by Elsa D. ArnoldMay 10, 2013

Recently, launched the Upload Online Server in its flipbook software. This feature provides a convenient way to upload e-books online without searching for a secure means to do so. Many users, however, believe they have to use the Online Server instead of uploading an e-book to a website. The company has received many inquiries on the feature and whether the Online Server was a requirement instead of being able to add an e-book to the customer’s site.

Users are in fact encouraged to use their own websites whenever possible. It is as easy as ever to do so. Rather than following the simple instructions to upload to the company’s server, users can upload the e-book to their website using FTP. The creation must be converted into HTML format first, and then the user must log in to their website via FTP. Files are then uploaded to the output directory of the website, that being C:\out\3dpageflipbook.

The Upload Server provides a convenient choice for people who do not own a website or FTP site. It also saves time for anyone needing to do so without output. Users can manage their e-books directly from the server while others can view them in a browser on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. In addition, files are safely stored with the Amazon S3 service. It is also easy to share e-books on social media and users can be charged to their account in different ways. More details about the service are available at

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While the Upload Online service has its benefits, users have more flexibility in defining the link structure of the e-book, for example, when using their own websites. Domains, keywords, and more can be defined, which is a very important thing for businesses, as e-books are a part of their marketing campaigns. These functions are not possible with the company’s server.

Still, many people find 3DPageFlip’s Online Server to have an advantage. Users can upload files quickly without output, while managing books is simple. They can delete, share, hide, and authorize e-books through a simple interface. It is up to the customer to decide whether the Upload Online service or a website upload is most convenient for them.


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