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Up to 10% of ROI for Your Money Invested with Arizona Properties

Up to 10% of ROI for Your Money Invested with Arizona Properties

by WallhangersFebruary 8, 2013

New Phoenix, AZ – East Coast Home Investors claims they can get their clients up to 10% on their money investing with Arizona properties. East Coast Home Investors is a prosperous Arizona investment property firm out of New York. Managing partners, Lewis Pasquin and Janet Marsico are experts when dealing with Arizona’s income and rental properties. Mr. Pasquin, advices that this is a great moment for anyone that is sick and tire of the ups and downs of a stock market. Those that are looking for different ways to get more obtainable and safest returns on their investments should be looking to invest in Arizona properties. History has proven us to be right, investing in properties is the best way to have your money grow long term. As with every investment, there’s no guarantees, but with East Coast Home Investors, the risk is calculated by the unique and professional way the investor’s money is managed by the managing partners. Arizona is one of the few states where investors can benefit from all the softer real estate tax laws that make it easier to invest and negotiate with purchasing real estate in Arizona. Mr. Pasquin’s formula of success for investing with properties in Arizona state, gives him the confidence that their investor’s money will be invested in a strategic and safe manner. There’s not many investment opportunities out there that will generate your money these types of returns. Every investor that is serious in generating a long term income, understands that in real estate investments if done the right way, can immediately generate the investor an income short and long term. The real estate market has taken a big hit in most of the states around the country, but Arizona properties have held their investment opportunities for investors that know how to invest with real estate properties. There are no secrets, Mr. Pasquin explains, the market in Arizona is open for business to those investors looking to generate extraordinary income if done properly. The opportunities he says, are both in residential and commercial investment properties in Arizona. Both national and International investors are welcome to explore this great opportunity with experts in Arizona properties.

For more information on how to get in contact with the managing partners at East Coast Home Investors, office call 914-772-3205. Here’s a video that explains how East Coast Home Investors manages to get up to 10% on your money.

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