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Thewritealice Develops Medicinal Cannabis and Friendly Script – Seeks Dream Cast

Thewritealice Develops Medicinal Cannabis and Friendly Script – Seeks Dream Cast

by WireService.coJanuary 2, 2013

Los Angeles, CA — Thanks to organizations like NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Medicinal Cannabis Activism has been radically changing the face of state and federal legislature especially after Connecticut’s tragedy.

U.S. President Barack Obama has asked for an open dialogue with:

Gun Control Legislatures
Mental Health Leaders/Activists
Food Health and Drug Administrations

Currently 18 states have legalized medicinal cannabis use as an alternate form of treatment for the mental health administrations. Our national system is overwhelmed and underprepared for the drug holocaust America now finds itself involved in. Psychotherapist, psychological, and psychiatrist services are NOT included as coverage for our current public healthcare systems unless there has been prior psychological assessment and history.

“18 States legalize cannabis”


Millions of generations with ADD, Bipolarity, ADHD, and other hypersensitive disorders have been dumped from the healthcare system. Now, more than ever law systems are over-hauling legislature to allow medicinal cannabis to be used as a “natural” alternative to healing. Illegal pharmaceuticals sold over the counter i.e. “Bath Salts” are leaving devastating effects and lead as the masked “factor(s)” in rash acts of public violence.

Hollywood leads in pushing socially conscious material into motion picture production. When thewritealice read “Until I Met You” there was deep concern over public reaction to a different spin about the astral love affair of Isis and Osiris. The best way to educate is to use entertainment as the vehicle to motivate others to positive action and public empathy.

“We are taking a national problem and setting the resolution as an ageless metaphor – a love story.”

Dream Wish Cast:

– Halle Berry as Dr. Alicia Green
– Jack Nicholson as Dr. Ari Green
– Johnny Depp as Johnny Ringold
– Joan Cusack as “Audrey”
– Snoop Lion as Melvin

Dream Wish Director: James Cameron, Terry Gilliam, Luc Besson

Read more about “Until I Met You” at for a full review of “Until I Met You”, and our Cast Wish List.

thewritealice has also provided “dialog boxes” for Visitors express feelings about mental health reform, and medicinal cannabis use.

thewritealice was started as a need for “new” material to be seen by WRITERS of “humble” beginnings. The intent and goal is creating the best “partnership” for Producers and Screenwriters. Chemistry is “alchemy”, and the right combination, collaboration or both is absolute dynamite. Follow the white rabbit.

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