Launches a Micro Job Marketplace for Marketers to Make an Online Marketing has introduced online marketing in a whole new dimension which makes it different and innovative in its own way. Even though similar platforms have been introduced by other sites in the recent times but what makes completely different from others is worth knowing.

Online Marketing

Their slogan “Marketing of the marketer, by the marketer, for the marketer” makes it quite clear that it is a marketplace for “Online Marketing Services”. People who want online services can now easily buy the service they have been looking for especially tailor made to their desires. leads in this field because where other companies do offer services of the similar pattern, emphasizes on “online” marketing service which is unique in its own way.

Want to know which marketing system is on the top or which service is the best seller? No problem. With the “Top Market System” award people can easily find the best sellers and the best survived business in a matter of seconds. Further subdivided into two categories as “Top selling marketers” and the other “Top 10 service marketers”, one displays the top sellers of their services whereas the latter shows the marketers who give the best service based on a star system.


The best thing about this site would be the user interactive and friendly environment, where the users get to express their recommendations and feedback in such a way that it enhances the system of for the future users to come. It also encourages the marketers by giving exposure rate using the recommendation function of “Top Marketer System”.

Now the question that arises is how much does it cost? Well has clearly stated, “No commission. No fee for $5”. Why such an attractive offer? That is because they want to find and promote a better qualified marketer. So if you have a $5 service to offer or you want to avail it then you literally don’t have to pay anything to in terms of commission. Only the PayPal transfer fee is applicable. To sum it up, for a price of $5 marketer only has to pay the 4% PayPal transfer fee and for services from $10-$100, 20% is charged which also includes the PayPal fee.

Even though there are many sites of similar genre online, definitely makes its place in the top ranking because of its flexibility and user friendly service pattern. serves as a definite opportunity for an online marketer.

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