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New video talking about Personal Prayer

New video talking about Personal Prayer

by akiva dudeJanuary 23, 2013

Have you ever wondered how to conduct a Personal Prayer to God. Rabbi Lazer Brody from Breslev Israel just released a new video called Personal Prayer. The new YouTube video talks about how to do Personal Prayer. We were able to get a hold of Akiva Ben-Ezra from Breslev Israel and ask him a few question:

What is the purpose of your new YouTube video called Personal Prayer to Dear God?


Akiva: The Purpose of the video is get the message out to the world that God accepts all kinds of prayers. It doesn’t have to be a prayer that is written in the bible God accepts our own personal prayers each and ever day. It dose not matter if we are a righteous man or a wicked man God wants to hear our prayers.

In the video you mention the pure and innocent prayers of children what do you mean?

Akiva:There are a lot of traggidies in the world today. The children teach us there is another way instead of violence. God accepts our prayers.

How can a person do personal prayer?

Akiva: I would suggest take 5 minutes a day and go to a quite spot somewhere with no distractions and just start speaking to God. Do this everyday and after a week try 10 minutes a day . This is the best way to conduct a personal prayer.

Tell me about Breslev Israel?

Breslev Israel is run by Rabbi Shalom Arush. Rabbi Shalom Arush moved to Israel at the young age of 13 with his parents from Morocco  He was a medic in an a elite unit in the Israel Army.After completing the Army Rabbi Arush went and got a degree in Economics.

One day during college Rabbi Arush got a call that five of his closet friends were killed in a  helicopter crash while carrying out a mission.

At their  funerals Rabbi Arush started to think about his purpose in Life. This lead him to leaving an observant Torah life. A few years later he started Breslev Israel.

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