Atlantic Environmental Service and Products announces new IAQ service and systems for 2013

Jacksonville, Florida – Atlantic Environmental Service and Products, a professional and Florida State Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor specializing in air duct cleaning, has announced the addition of providing new indoor air quality service and systems for 2013.

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“The new systems and services will improve and maintain the overall indoor air quality long after we have thoroughly clean the entire air system to include the air hander and the air duct work. The systems are designed to be energy efficient and easily maintained by the owner or our company.” said Scott Yotka, General Manager of Atlantic Environmental Service and Products.

During the month of January 2013, Atlantic Environmental Service and Products will be offer new and existing customers specials on the newest service and indoor air quality systems for the home or commercial building.

Atlantic Environmental Service and Products, based in the Jacksonville Florida, provides home and commercial building owners with the most effective and efficient solutions to improving indoor air quality and identify the correct indoor air quality system based on the customer’s needs. Advanced training, equipment and properly licensed in Florida as an Air Conditioning Contractor provides a one-stop shop for improving indoor air quality. Atlantic Environmental Service and Products has over 15 years indoor air quality experience within Northeast Florida for homes and throughout the State of Florida form commercial, industrial, Federal and Local Government and Military facilities.

Contact Data:
Scott Yotka, 5852 Macy Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32211, 904-645-5288,