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Disabled Vietnam War Vet Lives in Home with Contaminated American Drywall

Disabled Vietnam War Vet Lives in Home with Contaminated American Drywall

by akiva dudeJanuary 29, 2013

North Port, Florida – Who Is That Masked Man And Why Does He Wear That Mask?

Could It Be For Truth, Justice And The American Way? (more on that later)

Charles Hummer is a fully disabled Vietnam War Vet who lives in a brand new home (circa 2006) in North Port, a small city on the southwest coast of Florida. He does not want his wife and himself to die in their dream home, that is why he wears the mask.

For the last six years he has been waging a war on his Builder, Adams Homes of Northwest Fl. and US Gypsum the manufacturer of the drywall that is in his home. It is not categorized as Chinese drywall it is labeled as if it was manufactured in America with USG’s label all over his samples that he has taken from the walls of his home. The off gassing of sulfuric fumes coming from the contaminated drywall has put Charles and his wife in the hospital multiple times since they moved in in 2007.

He has contacted his builder, the manufacturer, his congressman, insurance company, a lawyer, the media, Federal and state and local government and yet no one has helped him. The sad part of this story he has spent his life savings on the home and its contents and it is all ruined, so much so that he and his wife live on the back porch in a tented area only to enter the house to use the facilities wearing a mask or for longer stays, a gas mask.

Contaminated Chinese Drywall has been established as a problem some years ago and President Obama signed watered down Chinese drywall legislation on the last day of the old congressional session in January 2013, before the new congress was sworn in. Apparently the new law wants to prohibit the importing of any more high sulfuric drywall from China and to regulate the sulphur content of drywall. But it does not recognize the American made contaminated drywall even though more and more cases are popping up.

Judge Fallon of New Orleans will shortly make a final ruling on the release of funds for people that have contaminated Chinese Drywall in their homes distributed by Knauf Companies. But no one has stepped up to help or even recognized the afflicted Contaminated American drywall homes.

That is why Charles Hummer has taken it on himself to attack the powers to be to first get to the Truth, by getting them to admit finally there is a problem, Justice by providing money for those with the problem, and why is he doing this, well he says because it is the American Way. You see he has taken trips to new schools, new hospitals, new shopping centers and other newer homes to use his by now very sensitive nose to breathe the foul sulfuric air that this contaminated drywall is spewing. He even is researching public records and making phone calls to pin down who’s the manufacturer of the drywall in use. Once he collects this information and double checks everything he alerts the proper parties to educate them about the problem.

In his new website “Contaminated American” and his newly made and recently uploaded video on YouTube “Contaminated American Drywall” he tells the story of his journey for the last six years and much more detailed information the he has carefully collected and categorized over the years. So much so that he has become a “Watch Dog” for others that are finding the same problem in their homes after they become aware of it. You see people can very easily have their air conditioners on masking the smell in their homes and leave and go to work in an air conditioned office that has the same problem. Usually they have different reactions such as sneezing and coughing and raspy voices as a minimum and depending on the amount of contaminated drywall more severe problems arise after continued exposure.

Today Charles Hummer held a news conference to announce his new website Contaminated American and his recently uploaded YouTube Contaminated American Drywall, he was going to hold it in front of the newly opened (December 2012), One hundred million dollar VA facility in Lee County, where he has detected contaminated US Gypsum drywall, but he was chased off the property on to the other side of the street. The attending press followed and the reporters asked a lot of questions as they do and showed quite a bit of interest in what he was telling them. He hopes that other people will become aware of the problem so that he can help them and form an alliance with them to get some Truth and Justice. Why is he doing this? Well he is a proud disabled Vietnam Veteran who went to war for his country once and he believes he is doing it again because he says that just is the “American Way”!

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