Black Pearl Media Group Launches Luminar Latino

Hollywood, California – WMC LLC’s Wisecast Television and Black Pearl Media Group launch Luminar Latino. In a $50 million dollar deal between Wisecast and Black Pearl Media Group, Black Pearl Media has created Luminar Latino, 67 Music Select Channels, My E TV, Crackup Comedy, and 2 Emerge TV channels.

Luminar Latino

Luminar Latino is the channel of choice for the progressive Latin American Market. The channel’s programming is designed to cater to a diverse Latin American Market, which has English as a primary and secondary language. The channel will include programming in both English and Spanish.

Chris Black, founder and CEO of Black Pearl Media Group, stated, “Our mission is to deliver quality content to the Latin American Audience. We will also offer an innovative platform that helps Independent Filmmakers, Artists, Producers, Directors and Actors get exposure. Giving a fresh new perspective on Latin American Programming. “

Luminar Latino will feature content that will entertain and educate all ages and generations. Luminar Latino will feature content such as: Fitness Shows, Daytime Soap Operas, Movies, Documentaries, Music, Comedy, and Programming for the entire family. The channel plans to feature New Latino Filmmakers and Actors as well as Latino Classics.

Independently Produced Series Documentaries feature Full-Length and Short Films

Luminar Latino provides a platform for Indi Filmmakers to air their films on our national platform. The Luminar Latino Channel has time slots dedicated to Hispanic Filmmakers that range from student graduates to aspiring Filmmakers in the Latin Community. What makes Luminar Latino the best choice for Indi Filmmakers is the ability to earn money from our unique revenue share model. Accompanied with the earning potential all films will gain exposure to our over 3 million subscribers. We also promote highlighted films on our various social media pages and our web site

Established and independent Artists

Luminar Latino plays the hottest new music videos. From Merengue and Bachata to Dembo and Tejano, Luminar Latino gives you established names like Aventura and The Tortilla Factory in addition to new comers such as Mozzart La Para and Monkey Black. For the Unsigned Artist looking to make a mark in the industry just submit your music video to

Entertainment and Press Coverage

Luminar Latino also covers red carpet events and press junkets. Shows like En La Cena keep our viewers up to date on what’s going on in the world of entertainment.

To submit content to Luminar Latino please visit us at