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Beach Is Still The Attraction In Pompano Beach, Hotelier Says

Beach Is Still The Attraction In Pompano Beach, Hotelier Says

by WireService.coJanuary 25, 2013

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — While the number of nearby attractions has grown through the years, the beach is still the primary attraction in Pompano Beach, according to a leading hotel operator in the area.

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“Most people come here to relax by the ocean and enjoy a way of life that’s much different from what they usually experience,” said a spokesman for the Budget Inn Ocean Resort. “There’s more to do in the area than ever before, but relaxing is still the primary pastime here. And you can’t blame them. There’s no better place to enjoy a few days off than right here.”

Hotel in Pompano Beach, Florida

Water-related attractions nearby get the attention of some visitors, however. The Pompano Dive Center offers dive charters and a full selection of SCUBA gear, giving those who want to explore underwater a place and a way to do it.

“Those who don’t just sit and sunbathe on our 110-foot-wide beach usually take in activities that involve the water. They don’t always tell us where they go during the day, but those who do have usually been to the Pompano Dive Center or off on a charter with Endless Summer Charters.”

Endless Summer Charters offers three-hour cruises along the Intercoastal Waterway and New River.

For those happen to be accompanying water lovers but don’t have much interest in the water themselves, the Festival Flea Market Mall and nearby Pompano Beach Golf Course keep them busy, the spokesman for the hotel said.

Budget Inn Ocean Resort is the best value on the beach and is within walking distance to nightlife and other hotspots. It offers an Olympic-size pool with chairs and loungers as well as a private 110-foot beach. The hotel also offers free wifi for those who prefer to do their surfing online. All rooms have a microwave and refrigerator, and fully equipped kitchenettes are available. Free parking is provided to every guest.

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