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2013 The Release Of Honda Jazz RS, All New Nissan Serena And All New Suzuki Swift

2013 The Release Of Honda Jazz RS, All New Nissan Serena And All New Suzuki Swift

by Arifin SJanuary 23, 2013

Jarkarta, Indonesia –  Honda, Nissan Motor and Suzuki are among the most popular automobile manufacturers on the planet. Those Japanese-based manufacturers constantly launch numerous new car each year. That way, their loyal customers will be provided with fresh options every time they feel like having a new ride. Recently, Honda has just launched the new Honda Jazz RS, while Nissan has introduced the All New Nissan Serena and Suzuki is very confidence to release the All New Suzuki Swift.

Honda Jazz RS Comes With Improved Performance

honda jazz rsHonda Jazz has been proved to be the best car in its class. The numerous awards from different countries including Indonesia has confirmed the existence of Honda Jazz ever since it was release for the first time in Japan in 2001. That fact has inspired Honda to present the new product called Honda Jazz RS. The newest model is far more sporty and the more stylish than its predecessor. It is now available in new colors and a little bit interior enhancement and also the improved performance. Honda Jazz RS is equipped with 1,500 cc, 16 V SOHC i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine. This new engine is expected to make the new Honda Jazz RS more powerful than the previous type. The interior design is also well improved so that it looks more modern and more elegant. The new audio system and some other new features are meant to give more comfort during the trip with this car. The additional ventilated disc brake found in both front and rear brake, ABS, EBD, and the new seat belt system are there to guarantee the safety of the users.

The Long Awaited All New Nissan Serena

all new nissan serenaThis year, Nissan Motor Indonesia has planned to introduce the All New Nissan Serena. The newest version of Nissan Serena will be equipped with some refreshment both in its exterior and interior. There is a large grille and bolder-deigned new headlamps at the front side of the car. The new exterior at the rear side is shown by the 3D fog lights with crystal style. Nissan Motor Indonesia has added that the interior part of the All New Nissan Serena is made of special material in high quality. This Nissan Serena also features wide side glass and a panoramic rooftop. This is the third generation of Nissan Serena, and now it is equipped with 2.0-liter engine mated, an Xtronic CVT transmission. However, the All New Nissan Serena is more fuel-efficient since it has idling stop system feature. This version will be a big hit in the MPV class and bring quite a challenge for its competitors like Mazda Biante and Toyota Nav1.

The All New Swift From Suzuki

all new swift

Suzuki Swift has been around for quite some time, Suzuki feels that it is the right time for them to present the newer as well as the better version, the All New Swift Indonesia. The newest version of Suzuki Swift is powered by a 4-cylinder engine. The most obvious improved features of the All New Suzuki Swift would be the new rear spoiler that is placed rather higher than the spoiler in the previous Swift and also the 18 inch wheel. This will be a super mini car that has a vibrant sporty appearance. The All New Suzuki Swift is now available in new colors like metallic black, metallic yellow, and the dynamic and bold dark grey.

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