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Rockerfeller USA Announces New “Done for You” No Charge Restaurant Menu Service for Restaurant Owners

Rockerfeller USA Announces New “Done for You” No Charge Restaurant Menu Service for Restaurant Owners

by WireService.coDecember 7, 2012

Rockerfeller USA, a national advertising/marketing boutique and design firm, announced the launch of a new menu production firm, MEnU “done for you” menu system. (Pronounced “Me n You”) The new new company will engineer, redesign and print your current menu at no charge to the restaurant.

“The menus are ad supported, we create a restaurant fan club for the restaurant … and to pay for our services-said MEnU CEO Dante Plutko. “We felt there was a niche for a new type of menu and convenience service for restaurant people who are looking for something new and different in the way of their menus.” Compared to the low cost just get a menu on the table model – This IS A NO COST, Professionally produced model. In addition, the restaurant also enjoys the benefit of working with a advertising, marketing, and public relations boutique. (also at no charge to the restaurant owners)

Although there are many menu printers, MEnU intends to offer more, for much less. In fact- nothing … zero. Having developed a cutting edge means of internal marketing. “With the new MEnU restaurant menu service and fan club marketing, you’ll be able to count on fresh menus on a regular basis AND a new way of involving and keeping local business people as customers AND THEIR customers as customers,” Plutko continued. “Our brand of “Menu Fan Club marketing technology has changed the game in economical restaurant marketing. It allows us to help more types of restaurants solve what was once expensive considerations; the (professional) redesign and printing of their menu and marketing to compete with advertising budget rich national franchised competition.”

MEnU is up and running from their (beta) website “We are also interviewing and hiring representatives and telemarketers. Interested parties are encouraged to view our video on the homepage, and if you own a restaurant fill out an online order form to start the process. For those interested in discussing employment opportunities – Please also view the video to learn about the product and fill out the online employment application “Our goal is one-hundred menus nationwide next year, and the sky is the limit beyond that. We are anxious to save and MAKE local restaurants everywhere more profitable” Plutko said. We are also anxious to help qualified people in search of a career change or employment in these less than robust employment times.”

MEnU is headquartered in Munhall, PA, For more information please visit

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