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Nick Heeg is Thankful for His Moral and Religious Upbringing

Nick Heeg is Thankful for His Moral and Religious Upbringing

by WireService.coSeptember 20, 2012

There are many people who aspire to live a moral life led by the values they were taught by their parents or communities. Values may differ household to household and community to community but most people share the same basic moral values. Many morals we are taught as children such as; be polite, be nice, help others who need help, behave and obey authority, don’t break the rules, etc.

Nick Heeg knows that many of the morals and values he was raised to follow and cherish came from his parents and his family’s religious upbringing. Nick Heeg grew up along with many other children around the country and world as a Catholic. While there are many different sects of Christianity, Nick Heeg is proud to identify himself as a Catholic, and is proud of the education he received from Charlotte Catholic High School.

One of the values that Nick Heeg was raised to follow was the value of working hard. This value and drive to be a hard worker followed Nick Heeg throughout his young adult life. He took his first job when he was 16 and continued to work all through his high school years and throughout his time at college. The value of work was just one that was ingrained into him by his upbringing.

As a religious individual, Nick Heeg knows that everyone will face moments of hardship and challenge. How people perceive these challenges differ person to person as everyone has a different perspective. However, Nick Heeg knows through his religion that any troubles a person encounters in their life can be overcome, wrong doings can be forgiven, and living a good and moral life will be rewarded.

Nick Heeg as an adult fresh out of university strives to live his adult life through the values he was taught as a child. He so deeply values his moral and religious upbringing that Nick Heeg continues following his religious beliefs today. It is his goal to lead a moral life lead by his values and to have a happy and successful future.

If you have any questions for Nick Heeg regarding how is upbringing affects his goals for the future you may address questions to: 5328 Allison Ln, Charlotte, South Carolina 29466.

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